A Mission to Inspire and Change Children’s Lives through Football

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To the passive observer, football may seem to be just a game consisting of 90 minutes, 22 players, 2 teams and one ball. However, any football lover knows that football is so much more than that. As the world’s most popular team sport, football does not discriminate by nationality, gender and wealth. Instead, it brings all kinds of people together and shows how 2 teams of 11 players can easily go from foe to friend by cheerfully congratulating each other upon completion of the match. It teaches the values of teamwork, determination and passion. It provides many with entertainment and much more with hope.

Yes, football is not just a game – it is one of the rare ways in which people can exist in a global community bonded by peace and human spirit.

With this realization, World FC was founded to use the power of football to change the lives of children in need. By exploring what it is that makes football more than just a sport through a documentary on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, World FC will use the support from its followers to provide children in areas of need with football equipment, a safe place to play the beautiful game and football programs in which those children can improve their skills and confidence as well as acquire the important life values that football puts forth. Through the support that World FC followers can provide, football will be used as an instrument to promote opportunity, friendship and change for children in areas of need all over the world.

The spirit of football can help children in areas of need all over the world, so supporting World FC is a wonderful way to have your love of the game change someone’s life.  You can spread the joy through a cash donation that will build and maintain organized football fields and leagues, buy a custom design World FC football t-shirt or by donating gently used football gear, such as shin guards cleats and footballs, to World FC.

WorldFC Love Pride Football

WorldFC Love Pride Futbol

World FC’s goal is to see every young player wearing a World FC jersey and embracing all of the wonderful principles that make football so influential and positive. You can find out more about World FC on their website or on youtube.

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