The illustration of Thierry Henry | By Shagari Guity

Thierry Henrys Portrait

Thierry Henrys Portrait

In the world of football, Thierry Henry needs no introduction. But for mere mortals who do not know this football god: Henry is a French-national footballer who was born in Essonne, within the inner suburbs of Paris. Henry made his professional debut in AS Monaco in 1994, and his prolific goal-scoring reputation was made during his tenure in Arsenal from 1999 to 2007. It was during this time that Henry established his name in the world of football as a world-class player. Although he had his ups and downs during the first few years of his stay at Arsenal, his dream of bringing home honors for the club finally came true in the 2001-2002 season, when Arsenal finished on top of the Premier League above Liverpool, earning them the League Cup. In that same season, they decimated Chelsea with a 2-0 win to bag the coveted FA Cup from the Blues.

Professional football was all swell for Thierry Henry, but it was while he was playing for France when he had his biggest achievements. He was part of the national team, having won the first of his 123 caps in a tournament during 1998. He had then surpassed Michel Platini as the French National Squad’s highest scorer of all-time. It is this multitude of achievements accomplished by Thierry Henry and the contributions he has made in the world of football that inspired Shagari Guity. His designs illustrated a portrait of the retired French International superstar, and New York-based supporters of Arsenal presented this to Henry to show that even after retirement, his influence and records are still being recognized up to this day.

SGD Thierry Henrys Portrait

Guity’s design has been made on canvas, and shows a particular side of Henry that, in retrospect, may have eluded most of his fans as he dazzled them in an awesome array of football. Guity portrayed Henry as someone who had genuine passion and love for the game—two things that may be sorely lacking from a lot of players these days. At the moment, Shagari Guity, a graphic design artist and illustrator by trade, wants to shift from having the general population as his clientele to being a more specified designer in the world of football. His plans for the future include creating brands, marketing, and interactive materials that shall focus solely on sports, especially football. Guity also plans to launch a clothing line dedicated to the sport of football, with a belief that this form of artwork, be it on canvass or on print media, is something that can make the beautiful game much more radiant not just for himself as the artist—but also for himself, as a die-hard football.

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Thierry Henry's Portrait

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