American Footballers Grab Attention in this Work of Art

One of the most popular sports in the US, American football is a sport for those who enjoy witnessing adrenaline, ferocity, courage and agility. Each game played is a battle in itself; eleven armored men going head to head with an enemy, fighting to maintain and gain territory so that they can victoriously conquer the enemy by getting the ball into the end zone. In order to do so successfully, they must decide on and carry out an intricate strategy which is meant to catch the opposite side off-guard. Failure to do so would incite rage from their passionate supporters who are closely watching the outcome of the battle as it will affect their wellbeing and lead to the loss of pride.  In other words, American football isn’t just a game – it is a war.

Like soldiers, American football players have to be well-conditioned to survive and win.  Unlike some sports which require an athlete to master one process, American football players must champion many different skills that will help them gain a victory. These skills, both physical and mental, must enable the player to do a number of tasks properly and, at times, simultaneously.  Bouncing back from an attack, trusting and defending their teammates, running fast without getting caught, catching a football that is being launched at high speeds while the enemy is threatening to heave them into the ground; there is no doubt about it that being a topnotch American football player requires one to possess multiple abilities. Most importantly, American football players must have the heart and bravery to accomplish the task. Natural ability can only take one so far without dedication, teamwork and spirit, which is why American football is so exciting to watch.

The appreciation for the sheer athleticism of American football players is portrayed through digital art illustrations by Olly Howe. Each print shows the dynamics and ferocity of the movements of American football players, exemplifying the passion, courage and skill of these armed men. These intricate prints are an impressive and unique way to show off your love for the intense sport of American football.

American Footballers


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