Dan Leyton Illustration: The Fast and the Furious Theo Walcott print

Theo Walcott Print

It is thought that youth is wasted on the young; however, Arsenal’s striker Theo Walcott is certainly making the most of his youth. As the youngest player in history to play for the English National Team, Walcott is most popularly known for his astonishing speed and finishing, proving that youth has the ability to rival experience.

Given his early promise, it’s not a surprise that Walcott is the youngest person to ever play for England’s National Team. His professional football career jumpstarted when he became part of the Southampton reserve team while only 15 years old. He graduated to the first team at 16 years old. His performances on the South coast convinced Arsene Wenger to pay £5 million (eventually £9.1 million) for his services in 2006. Against Dynamo Zagreb, he became the youngest player at that point in time to play in the Champions League for Arsenal.  Internationally, he is also the youngest player to have scored for England in the national Under-21 football team.

The top attribute that make wingers stand apart from the rest of the team is speed. Being able to ghost past defenders and receive the through ball at speed is a talent that sets the professionals apart from the amateurs, and being the best at doing this is what distinguishes the legends from ordinary players. Speed combined with skill is what makes the young Walcott definitely a rising star.

Dan Leydon captures Walcott’s speed by depicting him as a football player leaving the running blocks in a high quality print. As the owner of Footynews, a football artwork & clothing brand, Leydon turns passion for football into unique artwork that shows off the beautiful game.  Football-obsessed fans can proudly display their love for football with a remarkable graphic as part of the masterpiece collection of Dan Leydon.

Theo Walcott Print

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