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Daniel Cutting

Daniel CuttingBeing the most popular sport in the entire world, it’s probably impossible for football not to have any sort of artistic offshoot. Freestyle football is certainly such. Since its emergence in the early 1900s, it has developed into an elaborate art through which people are able to express themselves. From a simple game where one performs various tricks with a football using different parts of the body, it has become a widespread sport and is currently being practiced by thousands of trained professionals the world over.

For one to become a skilled football freestyler, one needs to undergo years of rigid training. Much like a proper sport (if it isn’t already considered one by many), it requires a high level of discipline that is requisite of any dedicated athlete, and dedication to the craft.

But on top of mad football skills, you also need to have creative vision above the average. Because freestyling anything is an art, practitioners need to find the most appealing ways to convey what they feel through their medium of choice. Just as importantly as execution and presentation as artists, they also need to experiment on various forms to ensure that their art improves over time. There is certainly not just one way to speak using the ball, and the tricks that are presently possible can only increase over time.

Not only is it an engaging activity – both from the performer’s and spectator’s vantage points – but it can also promote a healthier lifestyle, mainly due to its physical demands. It need not be said just how much strength, endurance and coordination is required to keep going, even if one were to (falsely) argue that freestyle football is not even close to the real thing.

Hailing from the UK, Daniel Cutting is one of those who have come forth as one of the greatest freestylers of our generation. A five-time Guinness World record holder and highly regarded internationally, he has certainly taken his art to a global scale. He has made a sustainable living out of freestyling, having worked as an entertainer with the world’s biggest brands. He is also known for incorporating gymnastics and break-dancing into his performances, giving a cutting-edge to his already stunning and demanding performances.

Are you a fan of freestyle football? Well, even if you’re just simply curious to find out more, check out his work at www.danielcutting.com and prepare to be amazed how he successfully bridged the gap between football freestyling and entrepreneurship.

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