Fanzooloo Brings in Ultimate Fan Experience to Sports Fans

Fanzoolo screenshot

Fanzoolo screenshot

There are few things that are more exciting than watching a sports game live. Stepping into that stadium with thousands of other people, hearing the cheers and groans of fans and inhaling the indulgent treats that vendors are selling while your team plays their hearts out for you. Clearly, a live game is an unparalleled experience.

However, there are also a lot of hardships associated with attending live sports games.  Seeing as professional and collegiate games attract thousands of people, going to games is not exactly a stress-free experience. Trying to find inexpensive parking or purchase last-minute tickets for an important game can be a nightmare. Additionally, after your team has fought their battle, where can you go to celebrate the victory (or console yourself over a defeat)?

Like many other people, Kaylyn Thornal had this problem in 2009 when she was out of town on business but wanting to check out the insider hangouts before a Houston Astros baseball team. She again had this problem at a San Francisco Giants game the following summer. This inspired her to launch KAT Apps & Technology and, together with Natasha Bedu, they established a website and mobile application called Fanzooloo.

Fanzooloo enhances the game experience by making going to the game a little easier; it allows a die-hard fan to not only get the latest information about their beloved team but to also find parking, purchase last minute tickets and merchandise, tips on where fans will be before and after the game, and other must-try places and tidbits in and near each venue.

Founded by the passion that Thornal and Bedu have for sports and maintained by the multitude of fans that want other fans to have an incredible game experience, Fanzooloo utilizes its applications for many fans of the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL. In 2012, they expanded into college sports with the Alabama VS Michigan Cowboys Classic and now have their mobile check in system up and running for a number of NCAA teams. Additionally, a number of major partners such as Football Fanatics, Parkwhiz, Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster have teamed up with Fanzooloo to increase their capabilities.

Fanzooloo knows that it’s about more than just the game’s.  By utilizing social media and the love of the game, your game day experience has just gotten better.

App available on Android and Iphone here.

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