Freekickerz: Getting the football under control, the first step to hone your skills


FreekickerzThe key to any sport – or anything for that matter – is to have full control of what’s happening. Whether the ball is round, flat, oblong – it is every player’s task to make sure that he is controlling the ball. When he can control the ball, he can defend it; he can pass it ideally to his teammate; he can most likely make that shot or that goal.

This explains the age-old piece of advice handed down from generation to generation of footballs players: “a good first touch is getting the ball under control.” This is a crucial step toward taking that huge leap from being an amateur to becoming a professional player.

Is the process long and tedious? Probably, but it depends on how dedicated you are to the regimen. But is it difficult to get started on it? Not at all. As a matter of fact, ball control techniques remain the same, regardless of the body part that supposed to be in control.

The first step to take is to master the art of deciding how to control the ball. This is crucial, as it paves the way to knowing which body part you’re actually going to use. Estimate at which level the ball is going to reach. Is it from waist level down? Use your feet or thighs. Otherwise, use your head and chest as using the feet at this level may not be comfortable. Just like in any sport, your feet, your eyes and your mind should work with each other, and when they do, you will be able to better control the ball.

As ball control is a learnable skill, some exercises may be helpful towards its total mastery. Nothing can help you learn it better than religiously practicing it. This video from freekickerz’s channel contains some very helpful pieces of advice on how to ensure that the ball is under your full command:

If you practice this every day and remain faithful to doing it for a considerable period of time, then it won’t take long until you get that rather stubborn football under your feet. Borrowing from another Robert Heinlen’s wisdom: “The more you practice, the more you can, the more you want to, the more you enjoy it, and the less it tires you.”

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