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Although electronic games have entered and influenced the market of entertaining kids in the last few decades, they still have not managed to stamp out the allure of action figures. Unlike most video games, action figures allow kids to use their imaginations and emulate their heroes. Many different scenarios and outcomes can be enjoyed with action figures; it is all dependent on the limitless bounds of a child’s imagination.  No wonder, action figures have been a beloved toy of boys and girls for a long time. But gone are the days when kids idolize classic action figures such as army men and cowboys. So, how can children today exercise their imaginations by going on adventures with their favorite heroes?

Christy Kaskey pondered about this when she observed that her two young sons did not have the same interest in the classic action figures that her brothers used to play with.  She realized that it was because her sons, growing up in a different time than herself and her brothers, admired a new type of hero – professional athletes. Epitomizing strength, team spirit and success, many children are encouraged to become athletes at a young age and look up to professional athletes. This inspired her to build Kaskey Kids.

Kaskey Kids combines the love that children have for sports and the fascination that action figures bring with its line of sports-related action figures that encourage imaginary play. Offering four popular kinds of sports (football, baseball, hockey and soccer), the action figures come with their own field or rink which allows children to create their own exciting and realistic game. For older fans, Kaskey Kids has developed NHL and Collegiate Licensed toys which allow fans of both leagues to show off their team pride.  Additionally, Kaskey Kids has encouraged the participation of girls in sports with their Soccer Girls action figures line and the Go!  Go!  Sports Girls, a collection of dolls in a variety of different sports that help encourage self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle for young female athletes.

Through its sports-themed action figures, Kaskey Kids encourages both imagination and love of sports which makes for creative, cooperative and confidant kids.

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action figure toy

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