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Fitbathatba! Fit ba? That ba! Not to worry, we are not going mad – in the great northeast of Scotland, those words really do mean something and (surprisingly enough) they are English words. Fitba is just the northeast Scottish way of saying football or “what ball?” and “that ba” is how one says “that ball”. Now you know, huh?

Another thing that you should know is that you don’t necessarily need to be a host from a well-respected, high-earning television network, such as BBC or Sky Sports, to have your football show – in fact, you don’t even need to be  well-respected or high-earning at all. All you need is an opinion, an Internet connection and a really awesome sense of humor that not everyone will get but will suffice as long as you find yourself funny because at the end of the day, even if you get no viewers, you can still post whatever you like on the Internet.

Fitbathatba is exactly just that. More fancy-free than Match of the Day and Soccer AM with a viewer count that may not be as high but is getting there, Fitbathatba is a weekly web show that is definitely a refreshing break for those who don’t want all of the uptight professional analysis after a football match and are just after some pure football-related entertainment. Hosted by Jack and JJ, two very funny and awesome guys from Scotland, Fitbathatba provides a different albeit mad take on what’s making waves in the football world. Plus, Fitbathatba doesn’t have any network sponsors to anger, so the Fitba Team can pretty much say whatever it wants.

Commentary on football gossip isn’t the only thing that Fitbathatba is good for; it also makes football music videos and awesome t-shirts. Fitbathatba’s “Heads” t-shirt features the various heads that have been made famous by the web show.  Available in blue, charcoal and red, the proceeds of the t-shirt go towards keeping Fitbathatba going; as mentioned before, Fitbathatba doesn’t have any network sponsors to anger so they can say whatever they want, but that also means that they provide entertainment for free.

Why should you get your football news from boring guys in boring suits when you can keep up with the football world by watching two really funny guys in awesome t-shirts?  Throw your support behind Fitbathatba for an entertaining and eccentric perspective of the beautiful game.

FitbaThatba t-shirt

FitbaThatba t-shirt

Want more from the genius’s over at Fitbathatba? just pay them a visit here  

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