Legit Crown: An Extreme Sports clothing Brand

Teal TeeThe story of extreme sports clothing brand Legit Crown is legit proof that profit can proceed out of dreams with the right products and business strategy.

Owners John Squartino, 24, and Jordon Legault, 25, started out skateboarding in the streets of Seminole County in Winter Springs. They bonded over their sport, among other things, and have been best friends ever since they met ten years ago. Soon, they decided to build a business out of their sport and their life motto—“keeping it real”—and came up with Legit Crown. They started with their savings of $6,000.

The duo’s big break came in January this year when their products got sold in Grounded, a shop located in the Oviedo Mall. Grounded owner Nicholas Hahn believed that Legit Crown was an eye-catching brand, and decided to sell the brand alongside more recognized names like Puma and Roxy.

Squartino and Legault, both alumni of the University of Central Florida, started building their brand by not selling any products. Instead, they created their logo—the word “LEGIT” shaped into a crown—and put it in stickers which they then distributed to anyone willing to use them. This, they said, was in order to encourage brand recognition. The stickers are currently on their website and may be purchased for $5.

The duo then decided to market their brand by sponsoring six extreme sports athletes, a move that provided multiple levels of exposure for the brand and its products. The six athletes were composed of two Australian BMX riders, a motorcycle racer and a motocross racer from Orlando, Florida, a Los Angeles skateboarder, and a Canadian snowboarder.

Legit Crown takes advantage of social media to increase its exposure. Aside from wearing products while competing, the athletes were also asked to promote the brand through their social media accounts. As some of them have huge followings on the Internet, this is a brilliant strategy. Legit Crown also maintains an Instagram account for marketing purposes.

Squartino and Legault are amazed at the success that their brand is enjoying. They said they plan to expand their brand by offering more products and to approach small stores to sell their products. As of the moment, they have decided to focus on Grounded where their apparel is currently hosted. They plan to launch the Gold Line in a few months, a move that will target the UCF community.

Squartino and Legault are definitely on the right track in terms of marketing their products and approaching business in general. As such, there is little doubt that Legit Crown is bound for greater heights.

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