Would you like to work for Nike? Meet Nerea Palacios a dreamer who does

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And let’s face it: Who doesn’t want to work for the company of their dreams? Who doesn’t want to get to do something they are passionate about all their lives? Who doesn’t want to show the world – the sporting world – what they can do? This lady designer is just waiting for her break.

Dreaming of Nike Jerseys

One of the world’s biggest athletic brands is featured in a blog called “I Want to Work for Nike” where tons of jerseys are shown bearing the Nike logo. What’s the big deal? Two things. First, they were designed by an utterly passionate girl whose dream is to work for her dream company. And second, they look totally, painstakingly real!

Nerea, the creator of this particular Tumblr page, was certainly straightforward in her ambitions when she came up with the title. The moment you open this particular Tumblr page, her passion would immediately show in the sheer amount of sports shirts you’d see.

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Want to know what the best part is? She designed them all herself. Every one of those shirt designs was personally created by Nerea, just to show people that she’s very serious with her ambitions. Each one is not only thoroughly-researched for their respective teams, but also because they just look that good.

In fact, they look so good that football enthusiasts on Tumblr actually forward requests to Nerea so she could do their favorite teams next. Of course, given Nerea’s passion for football and design, she’s all too happy to deliver. However, their requests usually have to wait behind several of her little pet projects for the Tumblr page. For any fan of football though, their requested designs are certainly worth the wait. It’s all too apparent just how skilled she is in her craft, and boy, do we appreciate all the hard work she puts into every design she releases! I’m certainly hoping that this very dedicated fan finally gets her big break.

An Exciting New Theme Every Month!

Nerea has recently started incorporating an intended theme for each month. In fact, this month’s theme is “Feminine Football Teams”. Very appropriate, given that March is Women’s History Month. It certainly doesn’t get any more historical than sports. At least, for fans, it certainly would be a welcome topic.

Hope Solo concept jersey

All of Nerea’s designs were done with Adobe Photoshop using high quality images of Nike logos, as well with the addition of some appropriate, stylistic flair. Are you interested in seeing her utterly stylish designs? Go visit iwanttoworkfornike.tumblr.com. You won’t be disappointed.

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