The new Capsule Collection from Bumpy Pitch and Port LBC

Capsule collection

Capsule collection
We know football has long been connecting people from all over the world through the extraordinary love shared by fans globally and this kind of love has continued to duplicate itself through many different forms.

While some of us may have connected with others through playing for a team, being a member of a fan club or through creative work expressing our passion for the beautiful game, we all can agree that football can inspire and create wonder for us.

It is through this sort of love for the game shared by brand owners of Bumpy Pitch and Port LBC that they join forces to collaborate on a new clothing collection for football players and fans.

The new Capsule collection offers a complete set of items that are essential to football fans, players and anyone involved in the game. The two designers set out to achieve one common goal, as both wanted to make the product have a certain outcome based on their own way of style.

“When we first started talking about this collaboration we explored the idea of items that are essential to any soccer player. Sweats, track suits, a bag and ball. We knew what those items were, but we also knew we wanted to present essential soccer items in our own way and style.”

The end product of such creative and well planned callaboration breads a brand new collection for fans and players alike. Packed with items such as a Pullover Hoodie, Vintage Tracksuit, Canvas Duffel Bag and the mind blowing leather sewn Vintage Ball will completes the wish list of any football fan. You can get the Capsule Collection from the Bumpy Pitch and Port LBC online shop.

Capsule collection Tracksuit

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