Old school is the new cool: Nike and Adidas launch football boots ahead of Brazil 2014

Adidas Primeknits


Nike’s and Adidas’ newest football boots come with unique features that will make you look at your grandma’s knitting in an entirely more positive light. The two leading athletic apparel brands recently launched football boots that are knitted. These shoes have been touted as the newest revolution in football since instant replay.

Both brands are known to invest heavily on their products, from the materials and the technology, to marketing and selecting endorsers in order to ensure that their products will not disappoint in the long run. Exploring other techniques and materials in crafting footwear that improves the performance of football players, therefore, makes a lot of sense – even if it means banking heavily on nostalgia.

The Magista 2014

Nike’s Magista 2014 boots are not the brand’s first knitted sports item. For the past couple of years, the company has been producing running shoes using its Flyknit technology, the same innovation used on portions of the Magista.

The Magista boasts of an excellent and exact fit, while offering the comfort of feeling like a thick sock. Incredibly lightweight, it offers great control and mobility in the field. It is also the Nike World Cup Boot. It comes in five versions, namely, Obra, Opus, Orden, Onda, and Ola. Prices vary depending on the model.

The Primeknit Samba

Adidas’ product is called the “world’s first knitted football boot,” and for good reason. It is the only football boot that is made from yarn and knitted all throughout. Like the Magista, it promises superior fit and comfort. Its biggest asset is its very light weight, charted at just around 165 grams. Because yarn is not the best material for watery situations, the Primeknit Samba is coated with a special liquid polymer that prevents water from getting absorbed. This feature also ensures that bacteria and other germs that thrive on moist environment won’t ruin the shoe.

Adidas Primeknits

Adidas proudly declares that no materials ever get wasted in manufacturing Primeknit Samba, making it one of the most sustainable shoes today.  If you want to get your hands on a pair, however, you better hurry – it’s only available for a limited time.

The bottomline

Both the Magista and the Primeknit Samba are solutions to the constant search for ways to improve the game and to ensure the safety, comfort, and performance of the players.  You would need to shell out a considerable amount of money to purchase either of the two, but from the hype they’re creating, they might just be worth it.  (Then again, when all else fails, there’s always grandma and her trusty yarn and knitting needle. Start grovelling, and good luck.)

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