Pass It Forward: A Startup with a Simple Concept to support a Great Cause

Pass it Forward

Pomona united We’re all familiar with the concept of paying it forward – instead of returning the favor to someone who has done something nice for you, you pass on the warm intentions to someone else. It is interesting how the phrase involves the word “pay”, although the phrase does not at all imply a financial transaction, “pay” does. Paying for things is an essential process in life and happens frequently for the lucky ones to the point that we do not even think about it, but it’s a privilege that a lot of people in this world do not have.

A well-funded soccer club can purchase soccer balls by the dozens without blinking an eye, but for disadvantaged kids, being able to save up to buy just one ball is an unattainable dream. In the continent of Africa, some children even make a ball out of trash and twine just so that they have a way to enjoy the world’s most popular sport.  Truly, the lack of money cannot defeat a determined and admirable spirit.

Therefore, instead of paying it forward, school teacher Christina Sussman and soccer professional Brian Rilko decided to honor this by taking the financial implication out of the phrase and substituting a much more meaningful term into the phrase: Pass It Forward.  By passing on the important lessons that are learned in soccer by giving many kids an opportunity to play, the multiplier effect would be tremendous and good deeds would be felt all over the place. Pass it Forward How does Pass It Forward work? Buy a hand-stitched match-quality Pass It Forward soccer ball and the organization donates another ball to a child in need. It is really that simple. By buying a ball, you get to provide a child with the opportunity to learn how to be part of a team while having confidence in himself or herself. The child will learn how to play by the rules and respect others while participating in a sport that unites people from different backgrounds all over the world.

Be a game changer – buy a ball, and Pass It Forward. For more information about Pass It Forward visit them online at

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