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Free beer movement

Free beer movementSometimes, when you least expect it, two things that you never fathomed would go and end up together to create history. Take, for instance, peanut butter and jelly. These two were never thought of as the perfect combination, but just look at how they have become a mainstay in the world sandwich lineup. Most definitely, those who have thought about it but didn’t have the audacity to pair them up now wish they could have made it happen.

Hold onto your hat, because someone just proposed another mind blowing pairing that you wish you would have thought of yourself. But since they thought of it first, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy their creation.

The Free Beer Movement comes from the simple notion that two well-known and well-loved things can be combined to make something great: soccer and beer. As the most popular team sport in the world with thousands of professional teams and millions of fans from different backgrounds, there is no doubt that soccer has the power to unite people.  On that same note, beer (to the legal fans) can get several different individuals to sit together peacefully. In fact, the quickest way to settle a pending bar brawl is to offer to buy your opponent a beer.

Here’s what the Free Beer Movement is proposing – beer is the medium, soccer is the message. They want to promote the beautiful game in America so that soccer is understood and enjoyed by Americans. Through this, they are expecting to see the values of teamwork and determination by teaching these in competitive domestic leagues, and eventually, see national teams become a force to be reckoned with in the international soccer community. They will start by hooking in new fans with an offer they can’t refuse – a free beer!

FBM pints up T-Shirt

Of course, no great movement would be what it is without the great merchandise which lets others know that you’re part of a development. The Free Beer Movement official t-shirt proudly encourages its members to pint up for soccer, and of course, in true soccer fashion, they have their own scarf that they can proudly wave up and down in support of American soccer.

Join the movement or find more Merchandise over at The Free Beer Movement shop.

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