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Football requires as much skill as any other sport, if not more. As a matter of fact, naming it “football” can be a little bit misleading – it is not only the feet that are involved in playing the sport… the rest of the body is as well. Apart from the feet, players also use their heads, chests, knees, and legs. On the technical standpoint, that’s a lot of body parts to develop skills for.

And because these skills aren’t inborn, children should undergo proper training as early as possible if they wish to even have the chance of turning pro someday. It need not be said just how tough the competition can get, especially when it comes to sports. As such, skill schools are highly recommended as a starting point for anyone’s football career.

Under the guidance of teachers in skill schools, students will also be able to learn to be scientific in their approach. It can be argued that just playing around will imbue one with the needed intuitive ability to tackle any competition given any circumstances, but at the same time, football has already evolved into a more competitive sport. Today’s top players have everything down to a science – from the simplest kick to the riskiest save, everything has been carefully researched upon, and teachers take it upon themselves to demonstrate evidence-based play practice to their students.

Apart from the technical stuff, skill schools can also squeeze out creativity among students. They not only teach you how to play on the field, they can also teach you the various ways through which you can express yourself using the football. Football freestyle is by itself a form of art – a means by which football athletes can physically manifest their innermost emotions – although through the years it is slowly gaining recognition as a competitive sport.

And if creative enough, those who dabble in this aspect of football sporting may also use it as a form of entertainment. The following viral video from STRskillschool’s channel shows just how high-level freestyle can bring a likewise high-level entertainment for all:

STRskillschool is under the helm of Steve Roberts, a UEFA B qualified coach who has expert knowledge working with all ages and ability levels for over 10 years. For more awesome videos on football pedagogy and playing, visit their YouTube channel and enjoy the great learning experience they offer: www.youtube.com/user/STRskillSchool.

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