The SpiderBelt: Your Running buddy for small Pocket items

SpiderBelt_grayEver went running only to have your run ruined by the constant jingling in your pockets? Or perhaps you have one of those belt bags that bounce and flop with each running step you take? Maybe you can’t find enough space in those wrist pockets to fit in all the small essentials you want to carry with you during your run? It’s a constant dilemma faced by a lot of runners – finding the pocket bag of just the right size and stability. It’s hard to look for something where they can stow away all the essential stuff they want to carry with them during their run without having to worry about how it might bounce and chafe once they actually start running. It’s a dilemma that one long-time runner decided to tackle once and for all.

Heather Messal, owner and creator of SpiderBelt, had become frustrated with the running pouches available on the market. She had tried everything – from wrist and shoe pockets, to vests with pockets and waist packs – but they either flopped or chafed whenever she used them. Some, like the wrist and shoe pockets, were too small for her long training runs, while others, such as the vests and waist packs, flew around no matter how much she tightened them. Frustrated, she decided to create her own “no bounce” detachable sport pocket – the SpiderBelt.

The SpiderBelt is a detachable, hands-free pocket that stays in place while you’re on the move. You can fill up the removable zippered pocket with your keys, phone, money, IDs, and other small essentials while you’re out running. But the SpiderBelt is not only intended for runners. When people go on outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, boating, working out, traveling, or even just plain hanging out at the beach, they want to be able to carry all the small essential things they might need with them. The SpiderBelt is perhaps one of the most convenient pocket bags they could use for such a purpose. It’s unisex, fully adjustable, sweat proof and water resistant, and most important of all, it’s guaranteed not to bounce or flop no matter what the activity might be. The ultra-soft neoprene fabric also makes it so comfortable that people forget that it’s even on them.

The SpiderBelt has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Indie Merchant Gift Guide as a top pick for sports lovers. Currently, it is available in four colors – charcoal, hot pink, purple, and turquoise.

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