Surfing and Hotness: The Alana Blanchard story

Alana Blanchard Sufer

Alana Blanchard SuferSometimes we all want to convince ourselves that the world is, after all, fair. Then someone like Alana Blanchard comes along and suddenly, we’re all back to questioning everything we know about the world.

I mean, come on! A stunner who catches waves for a living and occasionally models for bikini lines? Now that’s perfection if there ever was one!

The 23-year old blonde bombshell Alana Blanchard hails from Kauai, Hawaii. She undisputedly landed the No. 1 spot in Elite Daily’s list of “The Hottest Pro Surfer Chicks That Will Make You Hate All The Girls You Know,” blowing all the other competition out of the water.

She is, as the website claims, “the pound-for-pound hottest surfer in the world,” and this is certainly not least due to her flawless taste for bikinis. Her body is not only perfectly fit; it’s also very suitable for getting on some seriously righteous waves at the beach.

It’s no wonder then that she’s swimming in a sea of endorsements and modeling gigs. She is currently the face of top brands such as Rip Curl and Go Pro, and has also served as a swimsuit model for Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

But beware, she’s not all beauty. She is, as a matter of fact, a very accomplished surfer with a lot of prizes under her belt. In 2007 alone, she managed to snag five first place finishes in several international surfing competitions.

Alana Blanchard riding the waves

With all these taken into consideration, it’s no surprise she was chosen by Network A – an online magazine that claims to be an intersection of skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, BMX, motocross and drift – to be their ‘it’ girl in the surfing department. As a matter of fact, they’ve whipped up a serial show just for her. Entitled “Surfer Girl,” this show provides a sneak peek on Alana’s life as she ‘travels the world in search of waves and adventures.’

Well if she can do it, then why can’t we? Just looking at this beautiful and accomplished young woman might not be the best for the average person’s self-confidence, but I’d certainly like to think of her as an inspiration. Maybe not just for her beauty, but also certainly for the way she’s able to handle herself.

Wan to see what I mean? Watch how Alana juggles surfing, modeling, and relationships by visiting Network A’s YouTube channel: You might want to search her Instagram.

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