Surfset Fitness: A new way to workout

Surfset Fitness

Surfset Fitness

Surfset is the latest fitness craze to hit gym goers. Developed at a Boston gym in 2011, the workout technique is slowly becoming a global trend, as it caters and appeals to different types of fitness buffs and Surfset enthusiasts. The first group consist of extreme sports lovers who enjoy the water but hardly have the time and the means to visit the sea every so often. The second group is composed of landlubbers who may not even attempt to try surfing for real, but have enough curiosity to do the activity indoors.

How did Surfset start?

The idea behind Surfset was developed by Sarah Ponn, a personal trainer who was inspired by seeing two men, one of them a pro-athlete, doing weight training in the water by using bungee cords and an inflatable disk. Their routines apparently resulted in the men developing stronger and even bodies, while also becoming more agile, invigorated and active.

Teaming up with the men, who are Bill Ninteau and Mike Hartwick by the way, Ponn refined the routines so that “surfing on land” was possible. From there, they came up with the RipSurfer X, the equipment used by Surfset participants

What is the RipSurfer X and how is this used?

The RipSurfer X is a smaller plastic surfboard laid atop an inflatable balloon or disk, which has water inside. It’s about ankle-high in height when set to the floor.

To actually “surfset” on the RipSurfer X, individuals would have to stand and balance themselves on top of the board, while doing fitness and surfing routines like grinding, paddling, stretching, and different types of muscle movements. Some gym teachers even incorporate Surfset with yoga and Pilates. Basically, every movement is done on the board, which makes the workout more challenging and rewarding. To motivate Surfset participants, gyms play beach songs, rock music and surf music, and also stimulate the sound of the waves crashing, as images of the ocean are flashed on a TV screen.

The Benefits of Surfset

For beginners, it’s normal to fall down and lose balance while executing the movements. But once you’ll get the hang of it, you’ll see your core muscle and strength building up, your lines getting defined and your stamina escalating, as your balance gets better.

Surfset delivers major cardio benefits, too, and a short 30-minute class can help burn at least 500 to 800 calories.  You can also “surf” at the gym even when it’s the middle of a freezing cold winter.

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