Vubooo:: The virtual football stadium for fans interaction during live games

When the minds of two creative sports fans comes together to create anything we can expect the absolute best for the end product. This is exactly the result of the minds of Itav Topaz and Alon Har-Tal who found and Co- founded a company call Vubooo Ltd. that develop the popular football/soccer App called Vubooo.

The two software engineers are football fanatics themselves and follow the popular European leagues like most football fans around the world do. They noticed that millions of fans including them don’t have the opportunity to watch the European League matches live and were inspired to create a platform for fans to interact during live games.The vision comes to life through a user friendly application in the form of a virtual stadium to making-up for fans inability to attend games.

Vubooo as the name suggest, explain it all. The app let users pick their favorite teams, conversate and cheer on their favorite team with fans of the beautiful game from all around the world.  This is the App for the ultimate football fan. 

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