Xenith Shock Bonnet Football Helmet, your Protective Gear

Xenith X2 Blackout
Xenith X2 Blackout

Football could be a brutal sport and getting injured comes with playing it on both the professional and amateur level. Getting tackled does not only mean dislocations and broken bones – it also includes head trauma. It is not unheard of to hear football players suffering from all sorts of head injuries, ranging from concussions to memory loss. The protective gear is there, but it cannot entirely remove the risk involved in participating in such a physically punishing sport.

Recently, however, there has been increasing efforts in developing football helmets that reduce the chances of sustaining head injuries even more than before. Scientific research and sport technology combine in the Xenith Shock Bonnet Football Helmet to decrease head injuries from heavy hits through a series of innovative features.

The Xenith Shock Bonnet’s most distinctive feature is its suspension system, which consists of a hard helmet shell and a skull cap/bonnet with air-filled shock absorbers attached to it. This unique design allows the Shock Bonnet not only to deflect linear force, but also rotational force, a commonly neglected area of protection in traditional football helmets. The helmet’s shock absorbers are made of a thermoplastic elastomer (not foam) that work by releasing air as a hit occurs. The heavier the hit, the slower the release of air from the shock absorbers, meaning that the head is more cushioned from potentially injuring hits.

Xenith Football Helmet

Helmets can add to the gravity of sustained hits if they don’t fit well. The Shock Bonnet eliminates the need to use pumps to get a custom fit. Instead, it has a Fit Seeker system that adjusts the helmet to your head in three key places to ensure a snug fit. All a player needs to do is to pull the helmet’s chinstraps up until it reaches the ideal fit and buckle the straps on the sides. From there on, the Shock Bonnet will do what a helmet is supposed to do: stay on your head while you play, even as you sustain a hard hit.

The Xenith Shock Bonnet Football Helmet is by no means cheap. It can run you up at least $280 for one helmet. But more and more football coaches and organizations are recognizing the need to protect players from long-term football injuries. $280 a pop is a small price to pay for a helmet that could one day save a player from concussions, memory loss, and depression.

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